And your hair is in a mess

Web poem that changes with the weather in Ljubljana

Sometime around the year 1990, on the left embankment of the river Ljubljanica, just before Tromostovje one could read the following graffitti: Sonček je in ti si skuštrana (The sun is shining and your hair is in a mess). Later on I learned that the author is the poet and painter Mateja who today goes under the name Maja Sever. Her graffitti inspired this poem. I have changes in so much that I have substituted the word Sun by - a few hours ol - feed from the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia and its data on the weather in Ljubljana.

So, if you are reading the poem in Ljubljana it will describe the same weather as you can see through the window.

English version of the poem takes weather from the BBC Weather Centre, Observations for Ljubljana.

Added on 18th June: just a few days after I published my work on-line I unexpectedly bumped into Mateja Sever. In the years that we have not seen each other she has changed her name to Maja. Later on she sent me a photograph of the graffiti with the information that this is a different version - a version that has lost the word 'are'. The first version of the graffiti was higher up the Ljubljanica river, next to 'Šuštarski' most and also included a drawing of a sun.

Author: Jaka Železnikar, May 2008
Inspired by: Mateja Sever
English translation: Sunčan Patrick Stone
Weather RSS: BBC, Map: Google
Photographs: J. Miall, Maja Sever