Fragments of Distances

Short digital story by Jaka Železnikar


This story was made for the Fiction module of the Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media (more info at at De Montfort University. Tutors: Kate Pullinger, Sue Thomas.

Thanks to the tutors, fellow students — especially Anna Pitt for the English language advices — and all guest lectures for many useful insights and comments throughout the course. And last but not least to Petra Breskvar Tiller for putting up with me while I was writing and programming.

This piece uses Apache server with Linux operating system, PHP, XHTML, JavaScript and CSS. Google Maps API, epolys.js by Mike Williams and jQuery JavaScript library were also used.

The piece was developed in April 2010 with Firefox 3.6.2 on Windows Vista. Use of Firefox (or other contemporary Browser) is suggested. The content is reflowable but it was developed on 1440 x 900px screen which is the suggested resolution for viewing.

All content (including programming) except those provided by the Google Maps API, epolys.js and jQuery library is the authors own work.