Talks is a work of e-literature, an ever changing networked narrative fuelled by Twitter activity and semantically organised by Zemanta.

Each time the Talks is accessed or reloaded it creates a short social network like narrative.

How? First it creates a text from recent Twitts then is using Zemanta service to extract some overall semantics (tags, related articles). A title of related article is taken for a title of current iteration of the Talks. Then the discussion made of related Twitts (based on tags) is added. (Text sent to Zemanta is not visible to the reader of the Talks.)

Twitter is popular micro-blogging and social networking service. Its users can send and read other users' updates (known as tweets), a text posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Zemanta is a service which provides relevant tags, links and pictures from users’ unstructured textual content. Zemanta is accessible as a browser based blogging extension and as API.


Author: Jaka Železnikar, 20. January 2009
Zemanta API
Twitter API
Algorithmically selected content: different Twitter users