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Add dysfunctionality to web pages

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Changer is an extension, i.e. an additional toolbar for the Firefox Internet browser, which adds a series of dysfunctionalities. Changer enables text and graphic interventions of web pages through the introduction, repositioning, changing, deleting and any possible combination of the four. It also enables autonomous, unsolicited browsing of the web (with the added possibility of self-applied interventions) and the deletion of session cookies.

How to install?
  • Click on the link in the top frame and follow the instructions.

  • In order to install changer you will need Firefox Internet browser (versions 1 to 1.5).

  • If you have already previously installed an older version of Changer it would be advisable to uninstall it first (Tools | Extensions).

How to uninstall?
  • Select 'Tools | Extensions' and follow the instructions.
  • Text manipulation: substituting the text on the web page with previously set statements or with your own text and changing the size of fonts and lines;

  • Replacing and repositioning graphic elements: repositioning graphic elements, changing their size and replacing all graphic elements with a unified, previously determined structure;

  • Unsolicited web browsing: through generating a combination of pre-set key words and the use of Google services we are redirected to unsolicited web pages;

  • Deleting session cookies: a session cookie is a temporal piece of information, which is deleted when the user shuts down the browser: it enables numerous otherwise non performable interactions (for instance checking the current number of visitors on a certain web page or monitoring the user's activities within a certain web page);

  • The possibility of autonomous web browsing and performing interventions: if you wish the Changer can work autonomously, otherwise you can manage it yourself.

About Changer

Changer is a nightmare of web usability.


Changer does not gather information of your activities or send it to the author (or anybody else for that matter). Some dysfunctionalities use the services provided by the Google search engine. While using Changer your privacy is completely comparable to your normal web browsing.

Technical restrictions

Due to technical reasons it is not possible to manipulate certain web pages or parts of web pages (for instance if the page script refreshes the contents when it is changed or if the contents are given as an plug-in (flash, dreamweaver, etc.) - Changer manipulates only content written in (x)html.

Some dysfunctionalities use Google and depend on its accessibility (on a computer that is not connected to the Internet it is possible to view most dysfunctionalities on the locally saved web pages).

If strange characters appear on the web pages instead of the normal text, this means that the computer does not have installed the appropriate fonts. This problem can be solved by installing the appropriate fonts.

Changer can be installed only into the Firefox Internet browser.


The dysfunctionalities that enable unsolicited web browsing and autonomous operation of Changer might also show pages that include sexual issues or issues linked to radical ideologies.

The use of these two dysfunctionalities is not advised to anybody who is legally not permitted to view such contents or anybody who does not wish to come into contact with such contents.

Changer is used at one's own discretion.

Web pages that are shown during the autonomous web surfing (with autonomous dysfunctionalities) and unsolicited web browsing do not necessarily reflect the author's viewpoints.

Original code / script and copyrights

The original code/script can be reached as follows: in the top frame save Changer (i.e. the archive file spreminjevalec.xpi) and extract it by using an extracting programme (type zip); the same applies for the archive spreminjevalec.jar, which can be found within the xpi archive, in the folder 'chrome'.

The programme as a whole is under copyright, parts of the code/script (included in spreminjevalec.xpi) can be used for personal, educational, review or similar purposes if they are of a non-profitable nature, however the mention of the author and work is desired. In other profitable cases or if in doubt as regards the non-profitable nature of use please contact the author in order to reach an arrangement.

Changer / Spreminjevalec / 改变机
winter 2004/ summer 2005

Concept, execution: Jaka Železnikar,
Chinese translation: Helena Motoh
English translation: Sunčan Patrick Stone
Slovene language editing: Tina Verovnik

The project was financially supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana.

Used technologies: css, dom, javascript, php, xhtml, xul.
Requirement: Firefox Internet browser, version compatible to the extension.

Created 25th August 2005. Last updated on 30th November 2005.
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