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Interactive Audio-Visual Poem Generator

How to overcome possible problems:

If you get text but no sounds:

* turn speakers on
* check Volume control: make sure volume is not on 0, enable Wave Output (it must not be on Mute)

If you get Java Script alerts:

* Wait a second or two before you move with mouse over the generated text.
  (A "Document: done" notice in the status bar indicates that the sound uploading has been completed.)

* you probably need wav player plugin. Even if your computer can play some wav files
  from the internet for this project you need plugin (visit and instal one of the following
  plug-ins: Live Audio, Beatnik, CineWeb, Net Toob). Then reenter the Generator.

If nothing hapens:

* enable Java Script
* check plug-ins and browser versions

* Netscape 4+
* wav player plug-in
* enabled Java Script

* suggested screen resolution: 1280x1024 or more

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Interactive Audio-Visual Poem Generator