Jaka Železnikar

Poet, one of the pioneers of net art/e-literature, programmer

Projects » made with 'perl' (3 projects)


October 2003

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» Launch Retypescape

Retype te content of any webpae: it's not only what is written. It's also where it's written and who wrote it.

Pesmi (poems)

December 2000

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» Launch Pesmi (poems)

Poem in form of emails, using subject, e-mail body and fake e-mail addresses of the sender as part of the project content. In Slovene only.


October 2000 / August 2001

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» Launch Manta

Collection of stories and fractal graphic talking about sea, island and their (dream like) inhabitants. There is no index of the stories. Only way to find them is to use the local search engine.
Co-author: Aleksandra Globokar.