Jaka Železnikar

Poet, one of the pioneers of net art/e-literature, programmer

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Napis nad mestom (Text above the city)

winter 2004 / spring 2005

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» Launch Napis nad mestom (Text above the city)

Sampled poetry, artist book (entitled 'Napis nad mestom' - 'Text above the city', in Slovene). Book contains two made up identities, a poetes Mojca Pelcar — Šarf and author of the foreword, dr. Jerneja Ericsson and a collection of sampled poetry. Poems are made of combined samples from the history and the present of Slovene poetry.

Co-author: Sunčan Patrick Stone. Book was selected at call for authors book from the Ceneter and Gallery P74 and published by P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art.

In Slovene only.

54.000 besed


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Book of poems and short stories. In Slovene only. (105 pages, 27 x 13,5 cm, published by Cedra publishing house)