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Razorganizator · Disorganiser

March / September 2007 | Key words: · · · | Made with: · · ·

Visual interventions into the web pages. Firefox extension.

The image of any give Web page (or the visible part of the Web page if it is bigger than the computer screen) is understood as a matrix that reproduces itself. The size, height, and width of the reproduction are transformed depending on the matrix. The reproduction is placed in a selected section of the matrix and becomes part of it. The process repeats several times. The result is an unrepeatable visual structure that is based on manipulations of the particular Web page.

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Spreminjevalec / Changer / 改变机

winter 2004 / summer 2005 | Key words: · | Made with: · · ·

Changer is an extension, i.e. an additional toolbar for the Firefox Internet browser, which adds a series of dysfunctionalities. Changer enables text and graphic interventions of web pages through the introduction, repositioning, changing, deleting and any possible combination of the four.

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summer 2004 | Key words: · | Made with:

digital video, 1'56''

Video remix of online project Audio Visual Poem Generator (1998/1999). Co-authors: Sisi Dzakovich (Tanja Vujinović and Zvonka Simčič).

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Asciidarij P74

winter 2003 | Key words: · · · | Made with: · ·

Interactive instalation. Interactive computer based work of language-visual expretion.

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Syntax of Desire

June 2001, 2002 | Key words: · | Made with: · · · ·

Interactive 3D computer animation.

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Zen Garden

autumn 1999 | Key words: · · | Made with:


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Selected net art/e-literature works

And your hair is in a mess
(2008, computational online poem)

(2003, interactive language based on-line intervention)

Poem for Echelon
(2001, generative visual poem)

(2001, interactive visual poetry)

Interaktivalija / Interactivalia
(1997, interactive poetry)

Selected Firefox add-ons

Poem for 莫海伦
(2007/2008, computational on-line visual poem)

Razorganizator · Disorganiser
(2007, visual intervention)

Črke · Letters · 字母 2.0
(2007, on-line visual poem)


Napis nad mestom [Inscription Over the City]
(2004/2005, sampled poetry, in Slovene)

ŠUSS 1998—2000
(2001, linguistics, several authors, in Slovene)

54.000 besed [54.000 words]
(1994, poetry and short stories, in Slovene)