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Poet, one of the pioneers of net art/e-literature, programmer

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Asciidarij 2

March 2013

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» Launch Asciidarij 2

Asciidarij 2 is responsive on-line visual and sound poem.

Typed text is displayed in the ascii art pattern. Over the text the animated letters of the alphabet are shown and hidden, according to the typed text. Also sounds of typewriter are triggered.

Asciidarij 2 is based on the older, technically obsolete work Asciidarij (2001, titled Typescape in English version). Asciidarij 2 recapitulates basic concept, elements and functionalities but it is not identical to the originating poem.

Pregovori (Proverbs)

December 2011

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In Slovene only. Sampled proverbs. An Android application.

Fragments of Distances

April 2010

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Short digital story.


January 2009

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» Launch Talks

Talks is a work of e-literature, an ever changing networked narrative fuelled by Twitter activity and semantically organised by Zemanta.

Each time the Talks is accessed or reloaded it creates a short social network like narrative.

How? First it creates a text from recent Twitts then is using Zemanta service to extract some overall semantics (tags, related articles). A title of related article is taken for a title of current iteration of the Talks. Then the discussion made of related Twitts (based on tags) is added. (Text sent to Zemanta is not visible to the reader of the Talks.)

And Your Hair / Twit

November 2008

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» Launch And Your Hair / Twit

And Your Hair / Twit is a small work of e-literature. It takes the current weather condition in Ljubljana (authors home town) and it integrates it into the following sentence: It's [...] and your hair is in a mess. Than it adds posts from different users of Twitter that relate to the same weather condition.

Spreminjevalec / Changer / 改变机

winter 2004 / summer 2005

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» Launch Spreminjevalec / Changer / 改变机

Changer is an extension, i.e. an additional toolbar for the Firefox Internet browser, which adds a series of dysfunctionalities. Changer enables text and graphic interventions of web pages through the introduction, repositioning, changing, deleting and any possible combination of the four.


summer 2004 / spring 2005

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» Launch Evropregovor

('Europroverb', in Slovene) Evropregovor - europroverb (part of the portal Evrokultura) is a generative and combinatory work of language expression. Europroverbs (there are 1.553.760 possible europroverbs) are created by the algorithm which combines a corpus of found-in-the-media euro-words (words that begin with euro-) with a small corpus of old Slovene proverbs.

Accessible also in the archive page of the work on jaka.org.

Ascii Kosovel: Kosovel: vzorčen, Natipkaj portret, Biografski portret

November 2004

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» Launch Ascii Kosovel: Kosovel: vzorčen, Natipkaj portret, Biografski portret

'Ascii Kosovel: Kosovel: Sampled, Type a Portret, Biography Portret', in Slovene. Three works of e-poetry dedicated to Srečko Kosovel, a Slovene poet (1904 - 1926). Created for the portal kosovel.net which was active during November 2004 and May 2006, now an archive of the works is awailble at jaka.org.

Pesmi (poems)

December 2000

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» Launch Pesmi (poems)

Poem in form of emails, using subject, e-mail body and fake e-mail addresses of the sender as part of the project content. In Slovene only.


October 2000 / August 2001

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» Launch Manta

Collection of stories and fractal graphic talking about sea, island and their (dream like) inhabitants. There is no index of the stories. Only way to find them is to use the local search engine.
Co-author: Aleksandra Globokar.