Visual interventions into web pages

Firefox extension
To install the Disorganiser, a Firefox is required. Curently you are using another browser.


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The project was commissioned by the 27th Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana

Example of Disorganiser intervention

Source web page.        After intervention.

Web page briks.si (24. 9. 2007 at 23:45) before and after intervention. (Intervention takes place localy and it doesn't affect the source page or the server where its hosted.)

About Disorganiser

In itself, the work Razorganizator / Disorganiser has no appearance. Its core consists of a collection of computer-executable instructions that can manipulate images on any given web page. At the same time, the essence of the work lies not in the collection of instructions but in their actualization, with all actualizations being of equal value.

Technically, the work is executed as an add-on for the Web browser Firefox (v. 2.0.0.*); its execution involves the use of a number of Internet or computer technologies. I myself have executed the program in its entirety, which I emphasize because I consider the idea of the work and the execution of it as an indivisible whole that emerged over a period of development in which these two aspects were constantly interacting.

In executing the work I used technologies that are still in early developmental test stages. This can occasionally produce results that are, technically, unsatisfactory in part, but at the same time it opens up new and still-unexplored possibilities for expression.

The image of any give Web page (or the visible part of the Web page if it is bigger than the computer screen) is understood as a matrix that reproduces itself. The size, height, and width of the reproduction are transformed depending on the matrix. The reproduction is placed in a selected section of the matrix and becomes part of it. The process repeats several times. The result is an unrepeatable visual structure that is based on manipulations of the particular Web page.


March/September 2007

Author: Jaka Železnikar, jaka.org
English translation: Rawley Grau, Nikolai Jeffs, Jaka Železnikar
Icons: Mark James

Requirement: Firefox 2.0 — 2.0.0.*