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SX is a small experimental work - one web page only. SX is an animation done with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Allso the Perlin noise was used (a technique used to produce natural appearing computer generated textures). (April 2013)

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Net art, e-literature

In midd 1990s as internet started to reach wider odience the international movements of net art and e-literature emerged. Traditions of visual art and literature (as well as their many intersections) got enriched by computational and networked aproaches.

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About the author

Jaka Železnikar is a poet/artist based in Slovenia. Most of his work resides in investigative combination of poetry, visual art and networked programming. His fist book was published in 1994 (poetry, short stories) and after that focus of his crative work moved into realm of early net art (1996/97 →) and later on e-literature.

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Access to online works

First online works at were made back in 1997. Due to intense development of web technologies and browsers some of the works might not function properly (or at all) on current version of browsers.

More on web development in overview by Google: The Evolution of the Web

About Slovene language

Most of Jaka Železnikar's language based works are bilingual — Slovene (authors native language) and English.

Slovene is an Indo-European language that belongs to the family of South Slavic languages. It's written in the Roman alphabet. It is a grammatically complex language with rich (inflectional) morphology. It has 6 cases, 3 genders, 4 tenses and 3 numbers (beside the singular and plural also the dual is used - for two persons or objects). About 2 million native speakers.